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Adopting An Orphan Kitten


While I and my family were taking a walk to nearby paddy fields, we were shocked by a familiar sound. A kitten's cry. Just next to the community's trash bin, there came out a small, skinny and dirty black-white kitten. She cried very loudly as she seen us as if she had found her mom.

My first son, Damar, seemed to be very interested to that kitten. He had always been asking for our permission to own a cat. I always said no because his father didn't permit him. It was not because my husband and I don't like cats. No. We do love cats. Both of us always had cat(s) at home when we were young. But as our place of living isn't supportive for having a pet, we refused Damar's wish.

Our home now doesn't have any front nor backyard. The rest of the frontyard is used to hang laundry. This house doesn't provide any soil for us to do gardening. We grow trees in plant's pots.


Trembesi or Rain Tree (Albizia saman)

Back to the crying kitten. Without any prior notice, out of the blue, my husband agreed to bring that kitten home. I couldn't believe my ears. He said that if that kitten continued following our steps, then it could be a sign for us to adopt her. I was still astonished when my husband told me to buy a cage and other equipments for the kitten. Surprise, surpriseee!

We Really Adopted That Orphan Kitten!

At the afternoon I went to a pet shop to buy a cat's cage. A house for our Weslie, that's the name Damar gave for the kitten. Weslie looked pale and helpless. I cleaned her fur with warm water and a few drop of antiseptic liquid. She seemed to enjoy the process. After that, I left her asleep.

orphan kitten

I was worrying about Weslie as she didn't want to drink milk I made. She refused the milk bottle, so I had to force her to open her mouth and served the milk with small plastic spoon. I was afraid she got dehydrated. But still it didn't work. There were only a small number of intake. I said to myself if Weslie weren't meant to be alive, it would be alright as long as I had tried my very best to safe her life.

orphan kitten

Evening approached. I tried once more to give Weslie some milk. Damar came and sat next to me bringing his dinner. Suddenly Weslie jumped out and tried to reach Damar's plate. What happened? Oh, she wanted something on Damar's plate! It was the fish! Then without any doubt I asked Damar to give her some fish. And Weslie liked it! Thank God!

Now is the second day we adopt Weslie. She is still sleeping a lot but she looked fresher than yesterday. We do hope Weslie will be better everyday and grow as a healthy female cat.

Latest news: Weslie is now a cute grow-up kitten. Look at the picture!

orphan kitten

Weslie (right) played with a friend

Note: I thought at first Weslie is a male, but later it turn out to be a female cat! And now we spell the name 'Weslie' not 'Wesley' anymore, due to Damar's wish.

Last story of Weslie: Goodbye, Weslie


  1. How lucky Weshley is! My daughter and I love kitten as well. We have some at home, but not at my apartment and my daughter's dormitory. :D.

    Well, hopefully Weshley will grow well and healthier, ya!


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