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Every Travel Has A Story

Yes, indeed. Every travel has a story. It can be a story about the journey itself or about the meaning of the journey. Every travel creates a unique feeling.

My first real travel was when I moved to Jakarta with my husband as a newly wed couple. I had never been so away from home before. The reason why I never did any far travel was because I have a car-sick. I feel dizzy, my stomach becomes uncomfort and at the end I usually vomit. FYI, I have that kind of 'disease' since I was a little girl. Don't blame my parents for not taking me on travels at my younger age. We seldom travelled.

Why brother traveling? My mom lives in her hometown. Her parents lived in the same town. And my daddy? He'd left his home town and had been the citizen of my mom's home town for a long-long time. Besides, my dad's parents had already passed away and his brothers didn't live there anymore. I can say that my daddy never visited his home town except for special occasions. That's why I never have any travel.

For my first real travel I needed to prepare a lot. My husband is not like me. He traveled quite a lot in his younger years. So, he is a kind of perfect prepper. Pity me, I had to catch-up his perfection. Mistakes I made was abundant but one thing for sure, I didn't miss the tickets. He must thanked me for that. Haha...

After several years of marriage, I get used to what's called packing. He always reminds me to be ready days before D-day. Now it's lucky me. I'm such a busy SAHM so I often forget things. LOL. Just kidding.

I'm such a not-so-tidy person. I put everything in the travel bag just like that, and then he sees that, and then he complaines me, and I say, "Oh, OK, I'll fix that," but end in the same condition. In short, I'm not a good prepper. That's why I guess God gives him to me. A tidy person vs non-tidy person.

Forget about it.

This night, I prepare for another travel. It's gonna be a special one because I am going to travel with my second son only by a tour bus. It's a kindergarten trip to Sarangan, a nice spot in Mt. Lawu of East Java.

Route to Sarangan

Sarangan is known for its lake and culinary. The destination is not so far but I seem to take it very seriously. Please understand me, I can't let this uncomfortable feeling for not bringing enough clothes pop-up in my heart. I don't want to blame myself for not taking this and that. Do you feel the same too if you were me?

I bring two additional clothes for my son, some snacks and drinks, wet and dry tissue, a small towel, a comb, a hat for me (my son doesn't like wearing a hat), a mukena (praying clothe for muslim women), first aid and some plastic bags. I also put my son's jacket and a pair of socks in the backpack. I wanna bring the raincoat as well but there isn't enough space in it. Is it too much? I hope not.

Wuh! It's gonna be a nice trip, insya Alloh. There may be interesting stories about it. I'll try to write about the travel later insya Alloh. Thanks for reading!


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