What We Can Do To Support People With Breast Cancer


It's a terrifying word to hear: cancer. Cancer is a condition when normal cells start to grow out of control and begin to ruin the normal system of our body. When the abnormal cells are in the breast, it's called breast cancer.

Breast cancer is also called as 'silent killer'. It gives less clue until it spreads out. It's not only found in women's breasts but in men's as well.

There are several healings of cancer. The most common treatments are: chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Chemotherapy is when chemical injection put in the body to destroy the cancer cells. People with cancer say that this kind of treatment is not easy at all. They feel nausea, their hair is falling down and many scary things more.

The second one is surgery. It's when doctor takes out some part of the tissue with cancer cells in it. It's also not an easy one. Not at all. I have a friend with breast cancer whose breast was taken by surgery. She lives with only one breast. A very uncomfortable condition for a woman.

The next one is radiation therapy. Radiation kills the DNA of cancer cells. It can be external beam radiation therapy or internal radiation (brachytherapy). It uses x-rays, gamma-rays or charged particles.


CT Scanner.
Source: https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/treatment/types/radiation-therapy/radiation-fact-sheet?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C8012450546

Supporting People With Breast Cancer

Those words about cancer are scaring us. If we are healthy, Thank God. But what if our beloved ones are people with breast cancer? They need supports from us to make them feel better and stronger. Can we do really support them? By doing what?

Call Them
There is no better feeling such this feeling: having somebody who cares about you. Be they are our friends, family members or relatives, it's good to call them regularly. Just to show how much we care. Keep the conversation moderate, not too short and not too long; not too often and not too rare, just in case not to bother them. Ask some regular questions not some intimidate ones. A question like "How is your pet now? Has she got babies?" I believe is a moderate one.

Visit Them
A visit is sometimes a heal itself. But make sure they're ready. I found some people who weren't pleased to be visited when they were not in their fittest conditions. So, making an appoinment is a great idea. And don't forget, just keep the conversation natural. Don't talk about their disease unless they want to do so. Ask general questions and bring good news to them. Don't tell them about anyone else's disease.

Bring Them Gifts
Just regular gifts such as fruits or books they love. Don't give them a kind of 'herbal-tea that can cure any disease' for example. The point is give them something they like the most.

Offer Some Help
Offer them to take their kids to school or take them to see the doctor may show how much we support them. But, please keep in my mind to read their body language first before offering a help. Not everyone like to accept some help.

Pray for Them
There is no better way to look for health but by asking God to cure them. We can pray in front of them directly by saying, "May God Gives you health and happiness in your life," or just simply raise your hands in the darkest night and ask Him to bless our beloved ones with miracle.

Ah...it's always trembling to talk about life and the struggle. There are great people with breast cancer (and any cancer) out there who know exactly what to do with the rest of their lives. It can be shorter or longer than we thought. But one thing for sure, people with breast cancer wish to have happy lives just like the rest of us.

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  1. iya ya, memang perlu dukungan banget dari keluarag dan oarng di sekitarnya, aku oernah mengalami pendampinagn buat bapakku saat kean kanker. Sangat sulit mneumbuhkan motivasi diri untuk sembuh

  2. Mamah Tira: pasti tidak mudah ya, mah. tapi suatu kehormatan bisa mendampingi orang tua di kala sakit.

  3. Yang di butuhkan Orang Tua Kita disaat Sedang sakit adalah, hanya ingin ditemani sama anak-anakNya, dan merawatnya.... Mbak Tiara

  4. And never say that this trial because of she failed become a good person so god punish her frontally

  5. I can't never thank people enough for supporting my fight and staying with me during the fight! Thanks for joining my GA mbaaa...good luck ya :)

  6. Nice sharing Mak. Keponakan saya, 38 thn, sedang proses radiasi nih Mak. April dideteksi CA, diangkat sebelah kanan, lanjut kemo dan radiasi. Doakan dia sehat ya Mak. Ada blognya, Virgo yang Cancer. Coz, she is Virgo.

  7. pokoknya buat para penderita kanker tetap semangat!! toh yang nentuin umur kan cuma Tuhan ^^


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