I Want To Have My Eyes Healthy Forever


What comes in your mind when you're talking about your future days as a senior? I wish I have my body as healthy as possible, especially my eyes. Why?

A few days ago when I was walking around the neighbourhood I saw one of my neighbour, an early senior man, sat down on a chair watching things in front of his eyes with lack of expression. I couldn't read whether his eyes showed happiness or sadness. All I saw was he sat still like that. I once thought that I won't be like him, spending my time by just watching things go. I said to myself why didn't he just read something?

That man actually was an active businessman but an accident robbed his life. He isn't able to walk anymore. He looks older than his age. Fortunately his wife takes care of him and everything.

Well, I might have been wrong. He probably had spent some time to read books, newspaper or recite the Holy Quran before I saw him. But that thought crossed to my mind that it would be better if he did something for killing the time.


Back at home, I realized that I'm blessed with these two eyes. I can read and write, I can recite by reading the Holy Quran, I can watch TV and I can watch my kids grow. How many blessings I never think of before.

My dad during his life had always been a reader. He read books, newspaper and the Holy Quran. He always had a good time to discuss things he had read with his kids. From science to math, from religious thoughts to popular ones. My mom is an active reader. She spends her morning by reading newspaper. She loves to read and write. She writes her ideas and send them to the newspaper. She loves to do the crosswords. She also continuously reads the Holy Quran and discusses it with her kids.

I want to be like my parents and I want to be that kind of parent for my children. For that purpose, I need to have my eyes healthy.

Minimizing the interaction with gadget and TV, reading books with proper lights, and thanking God for these beautiful eyes are things that should be done.