Another Boy In My Life

This is my fourth pregnancy. I already have two sons and a few days ago I was expecting a baby girl. My third pregnancy ended up in a curetage. I lost the baby to be just at her very early age.

I visited my obsgyn this Wednesday and she told me that my baby to be is a boy through USG.


I laughed as I stared at the monitor. I once expecting a daughter, yes, I did. However, I'm not disappointed. This baby is my child. I will love him just as what every mom does.

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He's in week 24 now and he's about 600 grams. He's healthy and likes to move a lot more compared to his brothers.

It feels like he's tickeling me from the inside. I love the sensation. Really love it.

Time is ticking and all of a sudden there is only about three months left before I can see my baby. I haven't done any preparation yet. I'm still enjoying these times.

The biggest differences I feel about this pregnancy is that I'm more vulnerable than my previous pregnancies. I often feel the unusual feelings. I miss my husband more often. I know it's normal to pregnant women but I just don't understand why it happens to me. I feel like I want to be with him all the time. Crazy, huh?

Do you, moms, feel the same feelings when you are pregnant?