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About Me
Diah is here! Mom of three boys.

Places I Want To Visit In Life

I'm not a travel freak and I travel less, but somehow I like to visit great places with my family. Just visiting the greenery in our neighborhood is fine for me. In special occasions we travel to tourism objects to let our sons know the world. We traveled to Pasir Putih Beach in Trenggalek last January that's about 4 hours from home.

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There are some places I want to visit in life. Some special places. I really hope I will be able to travel there. Well, let's see where I wish to go.

For sure, these are the first special places I want to visit. Not only because Makkah is a place where every muslim who is physically and financially ready must visit for a hajj pilgrimage, but it's more than that. There's a certain feeling that drives me to go there one day. Yes, one day insha Allah.

Ka'bah in Makkah
Pic source: pixabay

As Madinah is the place where Islam grew for the first time and spread out to the world. Madinah is a very historical city, from religious to political matters. It's also the place where Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him lived and being buried.

Arctic Circle is a wide area lies on some 66° 34' North. It's the southern part of North Pole. Svalbard in Norway could be the place I want to visit in life.

What's so interesting about this place? I want to witness the midnight sun during summer especially from May to July when the sun never sets! 24 hours of sunny sky! I really want to know how it feels to have a bright sky night and watch the 00:00 a.m. with the sun still in the sky.

Pic source: wikipedia

What? Space? Yes, outer space. I dreamt of being an astronaut when I was little.

Pic source: NASA

I know it's dark, silence, cold and weightless. I know it's almost impossible for me to be up there. But there's nothing to lose to dream, right?

Well, those are places I want to visit in life from the most possible ones to the most impossible ones.
What about you? Where are your dream places you want to visit in your life?

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