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Living In A Small Town And How I Feel About It

This topic has been in my mind for a while until today. I decided to write down this post because I have just read a good blog post of my fellow blogger. He wrote about the pluses and minuses to live in a small town.
Well, my town now is not really a small town, but it is smaller than my home town. I have been living here in Madiun for almost 6 years now. Before that I lived in Tangerang Selatan, a city close to Jakarta. Before that, I lived in my home town, Jogja, where I spent 31 years of my life there.

Madiun is a medium town, not small, but not big either. Once I stepped into this town I didn’t expect too much about this place. I thought that Madiun was quite, peaceful and reachable from edge to edge. But I found myself wrong. Madiun is more than that. It is bigger than I thought and merrier as well. It has some malls, great dining places and a beautiful green town square.

Besides those not-as-what-I-thought things, there are somethings I miss here: book stores and book fairs. I love to go to book stores and book fairs. There were abundance of book fairs in Jogja and I used to walk from booth to booth just for book window shopping. There is only one big book store here in Madiun and I haven’t found any book fair so far.

But above all, I feel grateful to Allah for making me live here. The place where I live is far from hectic life. No traffic jam, no movie theaters, good neighborhood and good environment for my children to grow.My sons go to an Islamic School which I believe is a good school. The school is very close to our home so there is no hectic mornings. My husband works in his family business run by almost all of his siblings.I have good friends here and better activities as a stay at home mom. In short I have almost all I need here. It is really a good sign of blessing, right?

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I read a good book about being a happy mom. The title is ‘Bahagia Ketika Ikhlas’. You are happy when you sincere in excepting things in life. The book says that being sincere is not when we disagree with sadness. It’s when we realize there is failure in life and except that sadness, then the time for us to feel happy will soon follow. Not easy, but that’s correct.

I have some dreams that still not yet come true, but I can not count the blessing Allah has Given me. I’m 40 now, I’m waiting for my third son to be born... ah, my life is beautiful. How can I ask more?

So, guys, do you feel grateful for the place you are living now?

This is the 5th blogging collaboration with Annisa Nurjannah
This bi-weekly topic is: grateful
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  1. Hi Mba.. I'm so glad to know you. My English is not good, but i'm trying to post a comment in English.

    Currently i live in Solo, not far from Madiun, right? Just two hours needed to go by Madiun Jaya, hehe.. My hometown is in Purworejo, also 2 hours from Solo by Prameks.

    Both of them are very special. Although traffic jam usually occured in the weekend, or especially when Idul Fitri comes. Hihihi..

    1. Hi Mbak Arinta. Solo-Madiun is close enough. Sadly, Madiun Jaya doesn't exist any longer, people say.

      My Grandma was from Purworejo, Mbak. Geduren.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I live in Bogor, and I like to live here, eventhough I miss my hometown sometimes. I live in the most strategic place where hospitals, shopping centers, and schools are nearby. I can ask for no more. Alhamdulillah :)

    1. That's a great place of living Mbak. I can't ask for more either if I were you.

  3. ih aku mah cuma bisa baca doang, nulisnay atkut salah ah, dulu semapt mau tinggal di bandung ternyata malah suami ditempatkan di cirebon, lama2 aku jatuh cinat dengan cirebon denagn panasnya, dengan logatnya bahakn aku juag sudha ketularan logat cirebon

    1. Sudah ketularan logatnya ya Mah...kakak saya juga dulu tinggal di Cirebon. Panas memang ya, tapi kalau sudah jatuh cinta mau gimana lagi, hehehe...


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