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Our Little Astrophysics Professor

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That evening I watched the round full orange moon in the East. I always love to see the sky and its celestial bodies. I was an astronaut wannabe anyway.

Earlier, my husband told the boys that the moon had already rising.

"Look at the moon. There will be a partial moon eclipse tonight," said him.

Yes, at that night there would be a moon eclipse on August 7-8.

My second son, our little astrophysics professor (that's how I call him) ran out and headed to the East.

His view was blocked by some tree branches so he walked to other side. His big brother followed him, bringing my cell phone.

"Try to shoot the moon, please," I asked him. But all he shots were blur. LOL.

Our little professor was anxious. He couldn't go to sleep.

"I will be wake up all night until the eclipse comes," that 2nd grader said.

"No, you can't. You have to sleep now. I will wake you up when the eclipse comes insha Allah," my husband said.

Unfortunately, none of my kids woke up to watch the eclipse. Neither did I. I couldn't sleep, actually, but I was too afraid to come out.😅😅

The next morning, there was no question about the eclipse. I think my sons had forgotten about it or maybe they didn't pay enough attention to it.

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However, our little astrophysics professor is still an astronomy lover. I don't know how he got interested in astronomy. All I know is he likes to discuss about planets, stars and so on. Or is it because I spread the astronomy lover virus through my stories? Could be.

To support his interest, I bought several books about astronomy. The first book was 'Young Scientist: The planet Earth', published in 1994 by World Book Inc., Chicago, USA.

Yes. It's a second hand book. I bought it online on a facebook group.

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This hard-covered book contains science about the Earth such as how rocks are made, what is the weather, land on the move, days and seasons. The last chapter I mentioned became a first step for him to read other book about astronomy.

The second book I bought for our little astrophysics professor was a small encyclopedia. Published by Ganeça Exact, Bandung, Indonesia. He loves this book so much. This book is also comes with hard cover. I think it's good as it's easy to be taken care of.

Our little astrophysics professor often asks unbelievable question. He once asked me, "How many days are there in a month in Saturn? Saturn has many moons, right? So, which moon should we use to count one month in Saturn?"

"Well, I think we should divide one year in Saturn into 12," I answered.

Then he continued asking. "What about in Venus?"

"I think we should do the same. Divide one year into 12,"I said confidently.

"But, Mom, didn't you say that one day in Venus is longer than its year? So, how many days are there in a month in Venus??"

Saturn has at least 53 moons. Pic source:

Our little astrophysics professor also loves to watch Disney Junior's TV series 'Miles from Tomorrowland'. Not only watching, he also critisizing some scenes that seem so untrue. Such as when Miles and other Callistos visited twin planets Kalandra and Aldora.

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One planet is dry while the other is wet. According to their very close position, at night water from one planet is drawn by other planet's gravity and floods that other planet. So, the dry planet becomes wet and the wet planet becomes dry and vice versa.

Miles from Tomorrowland
Pic source:

To our little astrophysics professor that scene is fail because night and day is always exist along with the planet's rotational move. 

Have you, parents, ever watched that scene too? What do you think about it?

His interest in astronomy is unique to me and I am really willing to provide as many study sources as I can.

I also really want to buy him a telescope so he can watch the night sky. Seek for Mars, Jupiter,Saturn and perhaps nebulas.

As telescope is not affordable yet, it's okay just to watch the sky in naked eyes. Watching the moon and its phases, spotting Venus and who knows we can watch meteor shower. Who knows.

This is the 13th blogging collaboration with Annisa Nurjannah This bi-weekly theme is 4 word games: care, love, sky, shower 
Diah Dwi Arti
Diah Dwi Arti
Muslimah | Madiun, Indonesia | Mom of three | email: diah.d.arti [at]

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  1. Wow, you are so knowledgeable about outer space! I like it but never trying to learn more about it.

    Your little astrophysics professor is amazing too. I hope he can be whatever he want to be :)


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