A Wooden Bridge In My Instagram

This picture was taken some weeks ago. Actually it was taken last year or the year before. I like this instagram post due to the picture itself and to the story behind it.

I used to take a ride with my husband and kids with motorbike. We loved to explore our neighbouring villages. One of them is Seprahu Village where my husband spent some of his time when he was younger there to plant and crop melon.

The moment I took the photo was when the village had just relieved from a pain called landslide and flood. That wooden bridge was there for a purpose actually: to take over the function of the ruined bridge that was hit by the flood. So, the wooden bridge was a semi-permanent one. When the ruined bridge is fixed, the wooden bridge will be meet its end.

The day we went there, I took several photos and videos. And I chose this photo to be displayed in my instagram. What do you think of the photo? Does it look beautiful? Or perhaps you can see the sadness behind it?

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  1. I never cross a wooden bridge before. I don't have any courage. I am afraid that I will fall although everyone said that it's sturdy.

    But the photo is nice. The real view one must be better ^^


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