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Mr. Inventor's Tahfiz Graduation

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Mr. Inventor attended a special event last Saturday, November 3rd. It was the Tahfiz Graduation. It was when students who had finished memorizing a certain juz of Quran being certified.

Mr. Inventor had just finished his Juz 30. There were other 20 students with him, and some more students for Juz 29 and Juz 1.

Completing the memorization of a certain juz means that a student has been working hard memorizing and tested by the tahfiz teacher. Once he passes the test, he will be enrolled for the graduation.

Mr. Inventor started memorizing Juz 30 from grade 1. He started with surah An-Naas, went up surrah by surah until he reached surah An-Naba which is the first surah of the juz.

It took almost 7 semesters for him to finish it. He actually had to complete the juz on his 6th semester, but, he wasn't able to.

That is okay. For me, the most important part of the memorizing is the process itself when he had to be very patient and had to work hard.

Students learn reading Quran with Wafa Methode, a new methode using right brain. It is really a suitable methode for Mr. Inventor.

Unlike his friends who started earlier, Mr. Inventor was able to read hijaiyah letters or Arabic letters when he began entering elementary school. A little bit late if compared to other students. But, I'm not here to do the comparation. Let he be himself.

The Wafa Method uses right brain approach. It includes illustration and stories to support the teaching.

I have written about several methods of learning to read Quran here in Bahasa Indonesia: Belajar Mengaji Dari Masa Ke Masa

For example, in Book 1, the first lesson is to say 'mata saya kaya roda'. Yes, it uses Bahasa Indonesia which is written in Arabic letters.

Mata saya kaya roda means my eyes are like wheels. There is a picture illustrates a boy and car. The boy is making circles with his fingers and put them in front of his eyes. While the car's wheels behind him is highlighted.

Students easily understood that the boy's eyes are round like the wheel.

By saying the words and looking at the picture, it is really easy to remember the hijaiyah letters.

Back to the Tahfiz Graduation.

The event took place at school's masjid. Parents came to witness their children's ability.

I went to the venue with Mr. Admiral who found himself amazed with the crowd. He seldom met a lot of people like that. Mr. Professor came later with my husband. We really wanted to be part of that special event.

The event began at 8 in the morning, opened by the MCs. The first on the list was the Quran recitation by a student. After that, the Principal gave a speech, followed by a perform of habsyi (Islamic singing).

Another speech came from the school foundation, and then closed by a long speech from an ustadz (religious teacher).

The ustadz talked about the benefit of memorizing the Quran and the benefit of having kids who do that.

In akhirat, there will be crowns made of light for parents who have such children.

Right after that long speech, there came the test. All the graduate-to-be of Juz 30 entered the mosque, sat on three rows and recited surah An-Naba'.

I was nervous, thinking that Mr. Inventor might forget some verses because after the recitation there was a verse test from the audience, randomly.

The question could be from any surah, from any verses of Juz 30, and asked to any students.

And you know what, my feeling was right, Mr. Inventor was one of the chosen students to answer the question.

The ustadz recited some verses of surah Abasa, and stopped. Then Mr. Inventor had to continue reciting.

Alhamdulillah...Mr. Inventor was able to pass the test.

Finish with Juz 30, the graduate-to-be of Juz 29 came in and recited surah Al-Muzammil. There was also a test for them from the audience. And that also happened to participants of Juz 1.

After that, all the graduate-to-be were invited to come in the masjid once more to recieve certificate and medals.

I was sooo drawn to the event. Many parents shed happy tears when their children crowned them as a symbol of what will happen in akhirat.


Mr. Inventor gave the crown to my husband, and he said he was very affected.

Good job, Son. We really hope that you will keep on memorizing the Quran and reciting it.

While Mr. Inventor continues his steps with surah Al-Mulk, Mr. Professor can not be patient. He is now reaching surah Al-Kafirun. Four surahs to go and he will be ready for the graduation. Unfortunately, he has to wait until next semester as the graduation only being held once each semester.

Be patient, Son. Insha Allah you will be certified on the next tahfiz graduation.

Diah Dwi Arti
Diah Dwi Arti
Muslimah | Madiun, Indonesia | Mom of three | email: diah.d.arti [at]

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