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Diah is here! Mom of three boys.

A Good Friend Of Theirs

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New semester has begun. The holiday has passed, now comes the busy school days.

Mr. Inventor and Mr. Professor have been going to school for a week. And they have gone back to their routines. Including routine play time with their best friend.

Those two little guys have a good friend who is also a neighbour of us. The friend, Mr. Familiar, is one year older than Mr. Inventor. He is in grade 5, while Mr. Inventor is in grade 4 and Mr. Professor now is in grade 3.

A Neighbour Who Becomes A Good Friend

As we are neighbours, I know Mr. Familiar's mom quite well. We even talk about our kids' behaviour, especially when there is something important. I have written about it here in Bahasa Indonesia: Dua Tawanan Saya.

They were not best friends from the beginning. But somehow someway they found similarities and became friends.

Later, Mr. Inventor spent less time interacting with Mr. Familiar. But, Mr. Professor did the opposite.
People say that when two kids play together, they play happily. But when there is a third kid comes in, they suddenly break apart.
I don't know whether it is true or not, but I saw it that way. 😅😅 Did you, parents, notice it too?

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Okay. Back to the topic.

Mr. Professor often goes out to play with Mr. Familiar after school.

My kids' school is so close to our home. It is only a 3-minute walk. So very close until my kids' favorite playground is the school yard! They play soccer, hide and seek, building sand bunkers and tunnels, and many other plays there after school.


Mr. Familiar usually picks up Mr. Professor to play. He just calls Mr. Professor's name and he will appear very soon. And when he is on the mood, Mr. Inventor will join them.

Sometimes they arrange an appointment before going home from school and quickly rush back to school again after they change clothes.

My concern about them is only the playing duration. Those kids often forget how long they have been playing. Sometimes I need to seek for them just for reminding them to take a bath. 😌

However, their friendship is good, insha Allah. They also go to masjid together. They often remind one another about going to masjid for fardhu salah.

In Ramadan, they also support each other to not easily give up.

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However, those kids are kids. They don't only do good things. They also do naughty stuffs like gossiping their teachers, making a mock of other friends, playing games with smartphone, bluffing, etc. 😥

I know, they are still kids. They need to be guided, but they also need to experience failure. I hope they always do the right things alhtough not perfectly.

This Good Friend Is Going To Leave Them Soon

Next year Mr. Familiar will be in grade 6 insha Allah. And I think he will play less because he will meet the graduation test.

After that, he is going to pursue his study in an Islamic boarding school. Perhaps in other town. So, my kids are going to lose their best friend.

Having a good friend is really important as friend is one of the aspects who made us today.

I had good and not-so-good friends. I learnt from them both to be kind and treat people as good as I can. And I also learnt to be a practical person when facing annoying people 😅

I really hope my kids will learn something from their friendship. Take good values from it and leave all bad things behind.

And I wonder, when they grow up, will they still be good friends?
Diah Dwi Arti
Diah Dwi Arti
Muslimah | Madiun, Indonesia | Mom of three | email: diah.d.arti [at]

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