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About Me
Diah is here! Mom of three boys.

My February Goals

Hi there. Assalamu alaikum.

It's February now. One month has passed now comes another one.

Have you set your goal for this month?

I'm trying to do one this February, after reading an email from a fellow blogger. I love to read emails anyway. Especially the ones with personal touches, not just business emails.

I never set any specific goals for myself before. But today, I read the email and I'm touched with it and I hit reply button and I realized I had made a goal set.

I know it sounds weird but sometimes I need extra push from other people to make me a better person.

Okay. Let's see what my goals are for this month.

My first goal is to be more patient to my sons. Ah, this is every mom's dream, I guess. Many of them have succeeded, many others haven't. I'm in the second group of moms.

I have three sons. This year they will be 10, 9 and 2 years old.

For my first and second son, Mr. Inventor and Mr. Professor, I need to be more calm to them.

They are now in a phase where friends are matters. They start to listen more to their friends and peers.

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I'm afraid I will lose my spot in their hearts if I can't stay in theirs for good.

I'm worried they will stop listening to me if I can't be their friends. Talk like their friends, think like their friends and do like theirs friends.

Do you, parents, feel the same too?

I know I can't talk to them about PUBG or BlackPink or any other thing, but I know I can listen to them.

My biggest problem is I always love to tell them what to do. I even told them what to think and what to not think!

Crazy, huh?

Now I have to stop myself doing that. I know I won't let them play dangerous games or spend time on doing less valuable stuffs, but I NEED to do it in a better way.

Instead of telling them, I should pretend to be them and persuade them to do what they should do as muslim boys.

I read books about it, from how to be a good parent, how life in childhood may affect someone's love life in the future.

I read a lot. Now it's time for me to practice it.

It's hard, isn't it? But, if I give up, then who else will do this?

My second goal is to get back to my routine Quran memorization.

Last December was really a bad month for my Quran memorization. We had holidays and that way I spent less time to do it.

And January went worse. I know, when I stopped then it would get harder to start again.

I'm now about 8 verses left behind my colleguas in a Whatss App group called 'one week two verses' group.

It's Friday now and every Friday I have to report my progress on memorizing. And it's been weeks I made no progress! What a shame! Astaghfirullah.

Well, those are my goals for this February. I really, really hope I can make them come true.

Step by step, with duas, I have to start to reach the goals now.

What about you? What are your February goals? 
Diah Dwi Arti
Diah Dwi Arti
Muslimah | Madiun, Indonesia | Mom of three | email: diah.d.arti [at]

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  1. I particularly love the ‘two verses a week’ group idea! Might try it myself sometime, In’Sha’Allah! Before I memorise more, I strongly feel I need to revise what I’ve learnt already, astaghfirullah, it’s awful but you’re right, recognising what you need to do is one thing, putting the effort in is another!

    I’m a new mum of a lil 7months old and still adjusting to this ‘motherhood’ thing but being the eldest of 8 siblings alhamdulilah, I admire your acknowledgment that friends are very central in a child’s life growing up and being your childs friend is very important to an extent too, so that they don’t feel lectured.

    1. Barakallahu fiik, sis. Being a new mom is not easy physically and mentally.

      I pray for you that you can run your new status as a mother well.

      I'm glad you loved the idea of 'two verses a week' memorization. We started with 'one verse one week' earlier with sural Al-Mulk.

      It went well and all the members who succeeded in completing the memorization could continue to next surah.


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