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About Me
Diah is here! Mom of three boys.


Hi, assalamu alaikum.

 I was having a late dinner last night. My hubby bought me fried rice. We had a nice conversation that night as it was only us, the kids had gone bed.

 "I love this fried rice. Full of flavor. It has pickles, too," I said.

 "As long as there aren't any chopped bird-eye chilly in it."

Have you ever biten chopped bird-eye chilly in your rice without any prior notice? 

I have. And it was sooo awful. I needed to drink a lot of water to rinse my mouth. The cook cheated me!

Well, life is sometimes like that. It's full of surprises and lessons. Not only in everyday life, even in business.

My brother, who started his own men's fashion shop 2 years ago told me that it's likely being cheated when you run a business.

He was being cheated once. A customer canceled the order of quite great amount of trousers. And it was that bad because my brother didn't sign any contract with the customer.

Blogging as business has its own risks. I myself have once trapped in an unwelcome situation.

I was being contracted by an agency to run a campaign. I was there with several other bloggers.

We created blog posts, boosted them through twitter and facebook and sent the agency reports of our blog post analytics. 

After all duty had been done, we asked for our fees. But, the agency took so long to pay us. I waited for 2 months or so to get paid. 

The pay wasn't big but the effort was. Did they cheat me? I don't know.

I felt being so underappreciated that way. I don't know what had gone wrong with the agency (or the brand who hired us). But one thing for sure, I will not take any job offer from them anymore.

 One is enough. The lesson is: never cheat. And keep others people's trust.
Diah Dwi Arti
Diah Dwi Arti
Muslimah | Madiun, Indonesia | Mom of three | email: diah.d.arti [at]

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that.
    I think the way of agency treated you, that's kind of dishonest or cheat. I know, it's pain...

    1. Thanks for your support. Indeed it hurts. Hope and pray we'll never meet this kind of person anymore.


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