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About Me
Diah is here! Mom of three boys.

The Power of Mom's Prayer


Hi, assalamu alaikum.

I don't know about you but I like to address my kids with great names.

I call my sons with 'righteous boys' or 'professors' or something like that.

I also like to tell them that they will go to see around the world, they will have power in future life, they will innovate something useful, etc.

I believe in prayers, particularly mom's. And words can be prayers.

Addressing our kids with good names and nicknames is one of the sunnahs of our prophet Muhammad shalallahu alayhi wa sallam.

Let me tell you stories about the power of mom's prayer.

On graduation day, my friend's mom stood near a pillar of the hall  where the ceremony was held and said to it, "I'll be here next year."

And the next year she came back for my friend's younger brother's graduation.

Another friend told me that her mom had told her that she would be married when she became 25 yo.

And her wedding day was when she was 25.

My sister-in-law was told that her mom (my mom-in-law) had told her friend that her daughter looked so suitable to be her friend's daughter.

Years passed and my sister-in-law is now married to a man whose mom was her mom's friend mentioned earlier.

Being a supportive mom is worth doing. Kids listen to us, so why don't we encourage them to be better persons?

Allah Hears all of our prayers. Just be in faith and patience, He will answer us.

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Diah Dwi Arti
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  1. Saya percaya semua doa, kalau dibacakan dengan sungguh-sungguh, pasti bertuah. Doa anak pada orang tua juga sama.

  2. tidak ada yang tidak mungkin memang :) semua akan diijabah. alhamdulillah


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