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Diah is here! Mom of three boys.

How to Finish One Juz In One Day

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Hi, assalamu alaikum.

Ramadan has just over. We are in month of Shawwal now.

This Ramadan was a better Ramadan for me compared to last year's. Even the pandemic was still lingering but I felt it better.

Unlike any other Ramadan when I usually felt exhausted, this year was different.

My sons were more helpful doing the household jobs. Their stay-at-home activities pushed them to lend me more hands.

School projects were off since last 10 days of Ramadan. I think it is a good policy.

Mr. Professor who complained about Ramadan Camp found out that didn't have any Ramadan Camp was not fun either.

"Well, you said you didn't want it. Then it really turns into reality," I said.

Kids need to learn that not every wish is good for themselves. They need to learn to be careful with their prays and wishes

One Juz In One Day


Then there another happy part of Ramadan: I was able to finish one juz of Quran per day since the middle of the month! Masha Allah!

It is hard to do when I have little kids, but this year alhamdulillah I did it.

At the end of Ramadan I looked back and found out the reason why.

First, my best time to recite the Quran was at noon after zuhur salah. I always thought my best time was at night. I was wrong.

Night is quiet but at night I didn't have enough energy to stay awake. Plus, I needed to sleep so that I could get up early to prepare suhoor.

Second, instead of recite the Quran juz per juz, I recited it surah per surah. I thought it would be easier to finish reciting each juz, but when one juz contains more than one surah, it became more visible to finish it per surah.

Third, I joined a group of reciters where members support one another. It's not an ODOJ group. It's just a group of reciters. No strict target, no penalty. Actually, the members are all my family members.

Those three things were very helpful for me to finish reciting Quran.  The group is still there and so is my strategy. So, let's do it again this month!
Diah Dwi Arti
Diah Dwi Arti
Muslimah | Madiun, Indonesia | Mom of three | email: diah.d.arti [at]

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