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Eid al-Adha, We Chose Our Own Goat for Qurban

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Hi, assalamu alaikum.

Eid al-Adha is a day when muslims celebrate the slaughtering day. Alhamdulillah, we could do this again this year.

We started the preparation right after last year's Eid al-adha. Yes. We saved some money every month for the day. We should buy the best goat or sheep or cattle. That's what's common in Indonesia. Buffaloes are also common in some areas.

Year after year we usually asked for someone to look for the goat. But this year we chose it ourselves.

Instead of buying goat from local farmers, we decided to go to the biggest farm in town. The farm has hundreds of goats and sheep to choose from.

Media said that qurban this year could be less festive than ever due to the pandemic. They said that economy had been struggling so there would be less people participating in slaughtering day.

The fact was, the price was high. Farmers said that the demand was high. 

Who had been lying?

The goats we had been looking for were priced from 3.100.000 to 3.400.000. I didn't think the price were that high. 

Then we went to the biggest farm I mentioned eaelier. People said that the price in that farm was way higher. 

"They sell the goats to Jakarta. That's why the price is high."

We had no choice but try our luck. The price was high every where. At least we had a second opinion.

I didn't know the motive but that farm sell goats in reasonable price. 

In fact they have hundreds so we can choose which one that fits our needs.

My husband asked me to choose.

"You know better than I do," he said.

I know, I'm a graduate of Animal Husbandry Faculty. I should be better than him. But, it's been decades! 

"God, I hope I can do my best. Please, help me."

My first choice was a calm goat. It looked so good with its bright fur. The price was alright. But it hasn't meet the age requirement. I had to let it go.

My second choice was better. It looked healthy and always on the look out. It fitted all our needs from price to sharia requirement.

We were happy with our choice. And to me, I feel proud and confident enough now. I still have what it takes to choose a good goat. Maybe I'll do it again next year, insha Allah.

Ours is in the left

Here is my trick to find a good goat for qurban:

1. First of all, it has to be a male goat. 

2. Pick a goat that looks curious. It likes to see you coming but it doesn't like you to touch its body just like that, especially its head. 

3. It's better if it likes to stand on its front feet to see you approaching, but it's not a must. In short, it doesn't like to be conquered.

4. Choose a goat whose breath is clean. No weird sound like coughing or something like that.

5. The goat's fur is clean, the eyes look fresh and curious.

6. The shank looks solid which means it has lots of meat.

7. Don't forget to check the tooth. Ask the farmer to do it for you. It has to change from baby tooth to adult one.

That's all I can tell you about this year's Eid al-Adha. I hope we can see the day again next year. 

Diah Dwi Arti
Diah Dwi Arti
Muslimah | Madiun, Indonesia | Mom of three | email: diah.d.arti [at]

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