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Pre-Wed Photography, I Care So That's Why I Warn Her

Pre-wed photography

Hi, assalamu alaikum.

December is here. 2020 is going to leave soon insha Allah. What have you got? I hope you've got a lot.

This year has been so special. Many of us have to stay at home and do our stuffs from home. 

I have a friend who runs her business from home. She posts on Whats App statuses to offer some goods. She's also a tailor. She sells many things from house hold stuffs to her skill.

One day she posted a pre-wed photography service. Is she also a photographer? No. She offers her friend's skill.

She uploaded some portofolios of her friend's and added some captions for them.

It was, "A better pre-wed photo for you. No holding hands, no hugging."

I replied to her, " Pre-wed photography is not legit in Islam. Post-wed is."

I knew this would be a long discussion but I care about her. I don't want her to make money from haram services.

She replied, "But here the couples don't hold their hands. We keep spaces between them."

"Still," I replied. "They still stay alone even in photos."

A hadith said, " No man is alone with a woman but the third one present is the shaytan." (At-Tirmidzi)

And, "No man should be alone with a woman except there is a mahram with her." (Bukhari and Muslim.

Anything that leads to bad deed is haram in Islam. That's why pre-wed photography illegal in Islam. If we really need stunning photos of a couple, why don't we do a post-wed photography with concept? That's much better and halal.

Diah Dwi Arti
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