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Love Is Like Syrup

 Hi assalamu alaikum.

Love is like syrup. Too much is damgerous. Too little is pain.

I made that quote yesterday for my activity in ATM English Club group. Miss Meykke gave us a challenge, " Capture anything around you and create a caption".

Okay. I didn't only create a caption. I made a quote. I didn't realize that she meant 'caption' not 'quote'. Hey, since when caption is quote? They are far on keyboard anyway.

But, yeah, that's alright. It was acceptable by the way and mine is on the club's instagram feed.

Well, now let's talk about it. What's the meaning of the quote? What made me create the quote?

Firstly, I saw my son drank a glass of syrup. It was his second glass and I thought why he drank syrup twice? It's not good to have too many sweet drinks. And mostly those kind of syrup uses artificial sweetener. So, yes, an idea came across my mind. 

I took the photo of the glass and started to think about the words. And here it is, "Love is like syrup. Too much is dangerous. Too little is pain."


Secondly, the meaning of the quote. Well, love is sweet like syrup. Everyone feels blessed whem love comes around. Everyone loves love, right?

But too much love is dangerous. Just like you love your children too much until you can't see your children's faults. It's dangerous. 

I have written an article in Bahasa Indonesia called 'Wingka Katon Kencana'. It's actually a Javanese wise words showing that a child will always look like a golden bar for his/her parents, even the child in fact is only a piece of a broken tile. 

Parents see their child as the number one in the entire world. When there is a person complaining about their child's behaviour they can't accept it.

That kind of love ( too much love) is dangerous. Not only for the parents but also to the child in the future.

What about too little love? It's pain. Everyone needs love. But too little love from the ones he/she expected is pathetic, isn't it?

Well, to love should be in a proper way. Not too much and not too little.

Diah Dwi Arti
Muslimah | Madiun, Indonesia | Mom of three | IG/Twitter/YouTube/Anchor @diahdwiarti

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