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Diah is here! Mom of three boys.

When I Turn 50

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When I turn 50. Have you ever thought, if you were awarded with another10 years, what do you think you would be like?

Honestly, I still can't imagine myself being at the age of 50. More silver hair? More wrinkles appear? Maybe.

Physical Changes That May Occur When I Reach 50 Years Old

Silver Hair

At the age of forty my hair has changed color. Wrinkles on the face are also no longer ashamed to exist.

From my maternal lineage, I inherited fast growing of silver hair. My mother, my aunts are the same. So I don't have a problem with silver hair.

After all, it can be painted, right? Only the hair dye may not be black because it is prohibited in Islam. The hair dye should also be made of a special substance, which does not block the strands from water. This has to do with matters of ablution and obligatory bathing.

If you want to choose a hair dye that is in accordance with religious provisions, you can ask a Koran teacher or search the internet. My advice, pay close attention to its halalness. Also do not use black color even though it is claimed to be halal.


The wrinkles on the smile line and forehead may become more pronounced. The eye area begins to sag. The cheeks begin to droop. Maybe this is what happened to my face.

How scary? Very much!

To be honest I'm afraid of looking old. But when I see the reality, people are also aging but they are just fine. Their smiles are still cute even though they get older.

To avoid getting wrinkles too quickly, let's do facial treatments, get helps from anti-aging cream, etc.


Blurry Near-Vision

This is it! Eyes can't deceive. Since turning 40, my eyes have adjusted. I experienced a blurry near-vision.

The first time it happened, I wasn't fully conscious. I just wondered why was it sooo difficult to read the label on the package. Why did they make the writings really tiny? I even had to take my glasses off to read them. I used to wear glasses for short-sightened eyes.

I also have trouble in inserting the thread into the needle hole. That's the moment when I realized that my eyes have 'grown older'. I couldn't believe it at first. What? My eyes are old now? No way!

But, after some time, I could accept the reality. Now I have both blurry near-vision and blurry long-vision. I still can read books or other things without glasses, but it feels less comfortable.

I suddenly remembered the glasses advertisement in my mother's magazine long time ago. It said 'Life Begins at Forty'. Oh, yeah. So true.


Maybe I will start experiencing menopause. It could come sooner, it could come later.

My mom underwent menopause at 51, if I'm not mistaken. Beginning at 45 of age, women experience a period of preparation for menopause. It's called the perimenopause.

It is when menstruation begins to decrease in volume, menstrual schedule begins to be irregular. Some women even experience longer and more painful menstrual days.

The body will be quickly aging because our 'youth' hormone is no longer being produced. Horrified, isn't it?

But, again, look at our mothers. They are having menopause but still look happy. I think having menopause isn't that bad.

When we have menopause, the risk of osteoporosis becomes bigger. So, let's start anticipating by walking around in the morning to get the benefit of sun rays.

Mental Changes When I Turn 50

I have written articles about aging: Aging happily and calmly on my Indonesian blog. I wrote that when I was about to turn 40 years old.

I was upset when I was about to turn 30. Then I got upset again when I was about to be 40. So I think it's no use to be upset when I turn 50, because, hey, it's not that bad at all.

My first child will be 18 years old. My number two will be 17 years old and the youngest will be 10 years old. With these three boys behind me, I should be more patient and reliable.

At 50 I should have looked up more. The point is to prioritize the hereafter. The world will be abandoned sooner. I don't want to be young again because I can't do it. Nobody can.

At that golden age, I can have plenty of time for myself. The children will already be grown up, they can live on their own. I can use the time to study, recite the Koran, exercise, explore my hidden talents. Well, I think when I turn 50, things are gonna be just fine.
Diah Dwi Arti
Diah Dwi Arti
Muslimah | Madiun, Indonesia | Mom of three | email: diah.d.arti [at]

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