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Diah is here! Mom of three boys.

My High School Years

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My high school years. People say that high school years are the best years ever in life. Well, mine was a little different, to be honest. They weren't the years of cheers for me but of struggles.

I went to high school in 20th century. Yes, it was in 1992 after I graduated from junior high school. Compared to my years in junior high, my high school life was more bitter but still I found a better path to take. I'll tell you later.

I didn't wish to pursue my study at this high school. Not because of it was a bad one. It was in the top two school in my hometown btw. Not bad, right? People have been recognized this school as a cool school, a promising one, a kind of everybody's favorite.

I wanted to go to another high school that is the number one high school in the city. I wanted it sooo badly. But my mark wasn't good enough to enter that school. 

I had to make a choice whether to be stubborn enough to gamble entering that school, or chose another one. I couldn't make any final decision. So my mommy took over the control. She registered me into this school, SMA 3 Yogyakarta. 

I cried on that day. The day when I had to accept the reality. I cried on a bench in this school while my mom and friends tried to stop me. 

So, yeah, I officially became a student of this school. I had to be thankful btw because I was lucky enough to be in this so called 'high class' school. 

Years in High School


My first year was a very tough one. I managed to keep my sanity there with the ups and downs. Still, I couldn't enjoy my high school life. It was so boring to me. I got bad marks on many subjects which brought me to be in the bottom of the class' rank. Thirty-seven out of 39 students. Cool, right? Lol.

On the second and third year, it was getting better. I moved to a class that was full of girls. Well, not all of us were girls, but we only had 9 boys in the class, if I'm not mistaken. It was Biology Class. 

I was happier than before and in this class there were mostly muslim students. Girls, muslims. Sounds perfect for me. And in this year I moved on to my next milestone in life, that is wearing hijab. I was 16 and ready to have a great change in my life.

Actually I had been investigating hijab for a year. I saw some of my friends started to wear hijab and I loved to see them that way. Then I asked myself, why didn't I follow their steps? Maybe I'm not perfect yet but it's a good moment to do that.

I told my mom about it and she agreed alhamdulillah. She provided me some new uniforms. Oh God, I have to be thankful to her and Allah for being so supportive.

Today is my high school's anniversary. It's been here for 79 years. Yes, it's the oldest high school in the city. It's been existed since the Ducth collonialism era in 1942. As old as my late father Allahuyarham.

Well, that's all about my high school years. May Allah Bless my high school, my country and all of the world. May Allah Helps muslims wherever we are. May Allah Grants us khusnul khatimah (good ending) and jannah. Aaamiiin.

Diah Dwi Arti
Diah Dwi Arti
Muslimah | Madiun, Indonesia | Mom of three | email: diah.d.arti [at]
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