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Ramadan Day One 1444 Hijri

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Ramadan day one 1444 Hijri.

I think I'm thankful to Allah for letting me to see the month of fasting, the special month of Ramadan. Alhamdulillah.

Many of us are not here anymore in the world. One of my relatives passed away last year. And she didn't make it to this Ramadan. 

We don't see her anymore. She's not here in this world anymore. This Ramadan is not hers. Her last Ramadan was last year's. 

She was only 42 years old. She left two sons behind her and a husband. And this year, the husband has to provide the children with the late supper meals. I don't know how they deal with it. I hope they do it well.


And this Ramadan is also special for many people because this year's Ramadan is on March and April. It means that we have spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere. 

I think the duration of fasting is not extreme, it's probably about 12 to 14 hours. While in the equator we have about 13 to 14 hours of fasting. 

And I am so thankful to Allah that I live in a place where the fasting duration is never change extremely. I live in a tropical island and the fasting is always about 12 to 14 hours. We are used to it. And I hope my brothers and sisters out there in different places they can do the fasting well too.

And also, I have heard a great news. Yesterday, I heard that Bobby from 'Bobby's Perspective' YouTube Channel has finally taken his shahada. 

After some time he's been looking for truth, then he converted from Christianity to Islam. I am really glad to see his shahada. 

I hope he will be a good muslim because he is influential enough for people who seek for truth. 

So this year is Bobby's first Ramadan. 

And also, I heard that Andrew Tate is fasting as well, while in unbased detainment in Romania. This is also his first Ramadan since his convert last year. 

I'm also glad to hear that. I hope he will be released soon. He will be free soon and he can be a good Muslim, because he's also very influential. 

And many more new muslims around the world, I welcome them to be the member of this big family. Welcome.

Perhaps, this is your first fasting month, I hope you will be well and you can do the fasting, and other ibadahs during the month of Ramadan as best as possible. 

That's all from Ramadan day one 1444 Hijri.

Diah Dwi Arti
Diah Dwi Arti
Muslimah | Madiun, Indonesia | Mom of three | email: diah.d.arti [at]

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