Sunday, 17 July 2016

Why I Left A Group In WhatsApp

July 17, 2016 19 Comments

A few days ago I left a group in WhatsApp. It was a group of my classmates of junior high. There were about 15-20 persons there, male and female. The group was created about a month ago when Ramadhan is around.

We, the members of the group, have never met for a long time except some of us who studied in the same high school. Officially we haven't seen each other for about 24 years. Long enough to see that we are no longer girls and boys. Yes. We grow up and become adults in real meaning. Most of us have already made a family. We got married and children and that's the way we live. Until technology found us and bound us once again in a large scale of mass communication called WhatsApp group.