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My Version Of Sarah Benjamin's Prawn Mee

A few days ago I watched Chef Anna Olson in her newest show "Inspired with Anna Olson". Chef Anna took several visits to some South-East Asia Countries (sadly, she did not visit Indonesia, the biggest country in SE Asia). Along her journey she met local chefs or cooks and got inspiration from their dishes. And the episode I watched that finally made me went to the kitchen and imitated the recipe was when Chef Anna visited Singapore to see Sarah Benjamin, a cook, blogger and a TV host, to cook. Sarah cooked prawn mee which is very popular in Singapore.

Prawn Mee means Prawn Noodles. Mee (in Indonesian written as 'mie') itself means noodles. It's a kind of clear soup which is very good to taste warm. As a version of something, my prawn mee is not exactly as what Sarah has made. However, I'm really surprised to realize that I don't need any garlic here!

Sarah and Anna
Pic source: Asian Food Channel

Okay, here is the recipe of My Version of Sarah Benjamin's Prawn Mee:

Dried shrimps (right) and dried anchovies (left)

Prawn heads and shells

Chicken broth. Sorry, no picture.

Prawn and ginger

Noodles and vermicelli

Bok choy

Sugar and salt. No picture.

A spoon of cooking oil. No picture.

Cooking Prawn Mee:

Heat the cooking oil in a pan and sauté dried shrimps and dried anchovies.

Put the prawn shells and heads in. Stir them.

Put in the chicken broth.

Mince some of the ginger and put it in the pan.

Let them boil until the color becomes orangish. Turn off the heat.

Drain the liquid. Put the solid into a blender and blend it until soft. Put it back to the liquid and heat them again on the cooker.

Put in some salt and sugar. Taste.

The broth is ready!

Meanwhile, grate the rest of ginger. Rub it onto the prawn. Set aside.

Boil a little amount of water for boiling the noodles and vermicelli. When the water is boiling, put the noodles in it for about 3 minutes until soft. Do the same for the vermicelli. Drain them.

Rinse the prawn and shallow fry them on an oily pan until become pinkish.

Shallow fry the bok choy for some seconds just to make them wilted using the same pan.


Time to Slurp Prawn Mee!

Arrange on a bowl: noodles, vermicelli, prawn, bok choy. Pour the broth onto them. Prawn mee is ready to eat!

Mmm...yummy! I love it. Especially the prawn and the broth!

As my second son doesn't like prawns, I substitute it with diced chicken. Oh, Son!


  1. Actually I've not eaten prawn mee yet, but I've tried fried chicken mee in Malacca Central. It's nice to read the recipe of prawn mee in English.

  2. This prawn mee is more fishy, I guess, compared to chicken mee. but, fried chicken mee? that's interesting!

  3. No comment we mbak aku. Nggak bisa masak aneh2. Udang mentoknya goreng tepung doang..😀😀😀

  4. udang goreng tepung ki top banget lhooo...apalagi kalo udangnya gede-gede! mantap!

  5. waw waw segerrr
    mbak hari ini dua kali aku coba mampir ke kok gak bisa2 yaa...kenapa ya?

    1. Iyes mbak...lagi mau pindahan. Tp kayaknya ada kesalahan pas settingnya. Hiks...

  6. So, im just looking the pict. i think its wrong way.
    But i can give some text for this article...

    ahhaha piye mbak bahasa ku... ramudeng aku jane...

  7. Mamamia!
    That prawn mee seems to be the best food during rainy days.

    Can't help drooling seeing the pics. Oops! ^^

  8. Prawn mee looks yummy indeed mbaaaa. It takes a while to cook it?


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