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About Me
Diah is here! Mom of three boys.
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When I Turn 50

When I turn 50. Have you ever thought, if you were awarded with another10 years, what do you think you would be like? Honestly, I still can't imagine myself being at the age of 50. More silver h…

Paying Debt In Islam In Other Currency

Paying debt in Islam with different currency, is it permittable? How does Islam see the paying of debt with other currency? Say there is a man who bo…

His Permittion Can Lead Me To Jannah

Hi, assalamu alaikum. I've been living in this neighbourhood for 9 years. I like this place. Quiet, close to paddy fields, not so far from marke…

Love Is Like Syrup

Hi assalamu alaikum. Love is like syrup. Too much is damgerous. Too little is pain. I made that quote yesterday for my activity in ATM English Club group. Miss Meykke gave us a challenge, " Cap…

Tell Your Children About Your Childhood Life

Hi assalamu alaikum. I don't know whether you guys do it a lot to your children or not. But I love to talk about my childhood to my children. I&…

Syekh Ali Jaber Passed Away

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Innalillahi wa inna ilayhi rojiuun. This morning I shared a video of Syekh Ali Jaber to my Whats App statuses. It is about doing tahajud (night salah) and witir prayer.  Without knowing the news that…

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