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English Is Not My Mother Tongue, Why Bother Learning It?

Yes, English is not my mother tongue. English actually is not a language I master.

But, why I insist writing in English?

It's simple. I want to be a good example for my children.

I understand and speak two languages, both of them are my mother tongue.

They are Javanese and Indonesian. I learnt Javanese first then Indonesian.


It's an alien in my language world. But, I fell in love with it ever since I knew it although I keep making mistakes in using it.
English Is Not My Mother Tongue, So Making Mistakes Is Understandable Please, laugh at me. I write this article with a strong feeling that I may be making mistakes.

English was not my major at college. I don't understand about preposition, grammar and many more things.

All I know is I feel that what I write sounds English. Haha...

Who can guarantee that anyway?

No one. And if I made mistakes than it will be alright. Why?

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