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About Me
Diah is here! Mom of three boys.
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Good Bye, Weslie

I'm very sad tonight. A great mom of four had gone forever. She was our beloved kitty. She was the 5th family member. She was only a little kitten when we found her. Since then, she grew up in…

What We Can Do To Support People With Breast Cancer

What we can do to support people with breast cancer. It's a terrifying word to hear: cancer. Cancer is a condition when normal cells start to …

My Version Of Sarah Benjamin's Prawn Mee

A few days ago I watched Chef Anna Olson in her newest show "Inspired with Anna Olson". Chef Anna took several visits to some South-East A…

Why I Left A Group In WhatsApp

A few days ago I left a group in WhatsApp. It was a group of my classmates of junior high. There were about 15-20 persons there, male and female. The group was created about a month ago when Ramadha…

Dare To Challenge Myself

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A short travel was held last May 31 by my son's kindergarten. The destination is just about an hour from school. All students and one of their parents had a nice day in one of the most known hol…

Every Travel Has A Story

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Yes, indeed. Every travel has a story. It can be a story about the journey itself or about the meaning of the journey. Every travel creates a unique feeling. My first real travel was when I moved to…

Adopting An Orphan Kitten

While I and my family were taking a walk to nearby paddy fields, we were shocked by a familiar sound. A kitten's cry. Just next to the community's trash bin, there came out a small, skinny …

What Do You Want To Be Remembered When You're Gone?

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What do you want to be remembered when you're gone? A little scary question, isn't it? It's as if we're going to leave this world s…

Why Mommy's Next Step?

A big question came to my mind when I decided to make this blog. Why made another blog? I have been writing on a blog. A blog contains of my life story as a woman, a wife and a mom; called damarojat…