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Diah is here! Mom of three boys.

Dare To Challenge Myself

A short travel was held last May 31 by my son's kindergarten. The destination is just about an hour from school. All students and one of their parents had a nice day in one of the most known holiday spot in East Java: Sarangan.

I'd never been to Sarangan before and never had my son. It was a new adventure for both of us. More over, this was my first travel with my son only. Just the two of us. I was quite worry that we wouldn't make it. My son is a moody person. Once he said yes, it's no guarantee he would really do that. But...this time, he fulfilled his promise.

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Sarangan has a lake which is its main tempt of the whole spot. It was cloudy and misty and cool enough when we got there. I love misty mountains. I don't know why. I just love to see the greenery and the light airy water vapour.

After wandered around for some time, my son decided to try to ride on a speed boat. I was hesitated. Would we be fine? I had never been speed boating before. What if my son got scared and cried on the boat? What if the boat sunk and we got wet? Too many what ifs popped up in my mind, but my son convinced me it would just be all fine.

Alright, then.

The next minute I found myself nodded to a friend when she asked me whether I would ride the speed boat or not. Wait, wait! I nodded? No way. But, my son had already on the boat. Without any life-jacket? Oh, I got to catch-up my son.

Then a couple minute later I was on the boat. I really did that.

It was a shocking yet unforgettable moment. The boat was indeed speedy. All passengers were screaming in excitement when the driver accelerated the speed and made some jumps and sharp turns! The lake suddenly became wavy and there were splashes around us!

Pic source: @sanyotoboatformula05's instagram

The driver stopped the boat for us to take pictures. Sadly, all photos and videos were erased by mistake as soon as I got home. I really wanted to put the video on this blog post, but what can I say?

This picture is also on my instagram

Although it was quite scary for me, but my son didn't think so. He said he would do it again next time. :-) He even told his elder brother about it and challenged him to dare to ride the speed boat. I think he really enjoyed his new adventure.

Back home, I'm thinking about that new experience. Deep down inside I feel proud of myself. I can do that. I can beat the fear. I can manage myself well in such out-of-comfort zone. I can proove myself that I can do the impossible things.

Later, I remember the days with my mom. She taught me many things. She taught me how to struggle in life, how to cope with difficult situation. She taught me not to give up easily and not to feel embarassed when doing good things. Now I know how precious her taughts are. Then I understand that I have to do the same to my kids, too: tell them to struggle for life. I hope I will be able to accomplish that big mission.

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