My Second Eid El-Fitr Away From Home

This is my second Eid El-Fitr away from home. How do I feel? Sad. Yes, ofcourse. I won't get the chance to see my big family in Jogja. All I can do is just call them or chat with them via WhatsApp Group. Alhamdulillah, technology has helped us a lot. I just can't imagine what it would be like when people had to have Eid El-Fitr away from home in the past when communivation technology hasn't gone this advanced.
The reason why I can't go home on this Eid El-Fitr is because I have just had a baby this Ramadan. My baby boy is too young to travel and I won't take any risk of bringing a baby on a hard traffic. No, no. He's too weak and fragile. It's better for us to stay here in Madiun and wait for a better chance to visit my home town. Moreover, Madiun, eventhough it's a small town , is where my in-law big family's hometown. So, there will be great celebration here as well.
My first Eid El-Fitr away from home had the similar reason with the second one. It was when I just had my second son. The difference is my first Eid El-Fitr away from home happened when my family and I lived in Tangerang Selatan, so, both my husband and I were away from our hometowns.

What to do when having Eid El-Fitr away from home?

Just enjoy the celebration with the neighbours and the closest family members. Think of the different experience we will have and be grateful to what God has Given us may help us relieve the feeling of missing.
It's not that bad celebrating Eid El-Fitr away from home. I believe there will be many new things we can find to enrich our lives. And that's worth doing, I guess.
So, guys, have you experienced celebrating Eid El-Fitr away from home?

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  1. This is my 5th time celebrating eid al-fitr with my in-laws.. it's hard for me at first, because I always celebrate it with my family. Now, it's fun too. I can hear everyone speaks in Javanese here. Although I can only understand it a bit, I like to hear Javanese people speak their mother language, especially kromo inggil. :D

  2. Pas kuliah, aku 4 thn ga pulang tiap idul fitri :D. Lbh mutusin utk ngerayain di Penang malaysia drpd balik.. Jujur nya dulu itu krn hubungan ama keluarga blm bgitu baik kyk skr. Makanya lbh seneng jauh tp rukun drpd deket slalu ribut :D.

    Tp skr udh ga di penang, ttp aja sih aku termasuk jrg balik ngerayain idul fitri ama keluarga di medan. Udh 2 thn ga mudik dan bareng suami cm ngerayain di jkt mba. Tp kali ini krn si kecil ga begitu suka jalan jauh. Mabokan bangetttt. Makanya aku lbh milih di jkt dulu, dan br mudik pas agustus.. Moga2 hrg tiket udh turun hihihi :D

  3. I have always managed to spend ied fitr holiday in my hometown coz I still have my mom living there. It's always nice to travel long distances during the mudik. But this year is special as we have moved from Bogor forever to live next to my mom. Btw, Lamongan is not too far from Madiun. Let's meet up sometimes as I have abest friend living in Madiun too. Happy Ied! Give my big kisses for your boy :)

  4. I was confused when I clicked and saw this blog. I thought that this is not your blog mbak. Turns out, you have another blog.
    Even though you were not Mudik, I believe you really have a nice Ied's holiday, especially with the new baby. Wishing you and your family all d best.


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