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Nanni's Hijab: A Book For Young Hijabis

January 30, 2018 1 Comments

Hijab is not only a kind of fashion. It is also an identity. That is why many muslim families introduce the wearing of hijab for their daughters as early as possible. Just like Nanni.

Nanni is a little muslim girl who loves to wear hijab to school. Not only loves wearing hijab but she also has many beautiful hijabs that her class mates adore. What so unique about her hijabs is she creates a specific schedule to wear them.

Red hijabs for Mondays, blue for Tuesdays, pink for Wednesdays, green for Thursdays, and purple hijabs for Fridays. How clever! Nanni never wears the same hijab twice!


One day, cheerful Nanni became very sad and embarassed because of her hijab. Oh, no, not the hijab. It was because of Leslie's bad act. Leslie, Nanni's new classmate, tried to bully her by made a mock of Nanni's hijab. She called the hijab 'he-job' and pulled Nanni's hijab off of Nanni's head.

Nanni was so sad and angry. She once thought to fight back, but Allah Showed her a better way to reconciliate. Nanni became very happy with the idea and she could manage her anger and stole Leslie's heart. Ow, ow, what did Nanny do? Can you guess what she said to Leslie?

Find the answer in the book which is dedicated for young hijabis. The Author, Khadijah Abdul-Haqq, wanted the muslim girls not to give up easily even in a bad situation. This American-born muslimah opened the readers' heart by displaying Nanni's patience in confronting Leslie. I myself agree with the idea although I think it needs extra, extra struggle to be as patient as Nanni.


The book comes in colorful pictures that is really vivid. I love the coloring technique the illustrator used. It is  Vitchapol Taerattanachai's work. 

Consists of 21 pages including glossary, cover and back cover, this book is suitable for young muslim girls who already wear hijab or in the look for wearing it. You can purchase the book via its publisher, Djarabi Kitabs Publishing, or at Amazon!

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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Purity And Prayer: An Islamic Children Rhyming Picture Book

January 20, 2018 6 Comments

In my younger years I once loved listening to nasheed (Islamic songs). Many songs I listened and memorized from groups of male to female nasheed group. I even handled a group of nasheed during my college years about 20 years ago. The rise of Islamic living was about to blossom at the moment. Hijabis had been started to appear here and there in campus.

Nasheed changed the way I spent my time. The guilty feeling of listening to music became smaller. I don't listen to music anymore now (gonna tell you later about it insha Allah) but nasheed was one good choice for me.

What I liked the most from nasheed is the rhyme. I am quite an auditory learner so I found rhyming is so much fun. It is more fun when comes to learning something. Kindergartens learn things through songs and rhymes as well.

What about learning Islam through rhymes? I have a great news! Book publisher, Prolance, has released a book called Purity & Prayer: Rhyming Picture Book of Sacred Rulings by Ameena Bint Abdir Rahman and illustrated by Reyhana Ismail.

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What? A rhyming picture book? Double surprises! I have never read a book like this!


This collection of poems for children outlines essential knowledge of the ritual ablution and prayer according to the Hanafi school, the largest school of Islamic law.

The author wrote the poems beautifully. Listen to one of them:

Prayer is different than making du’a,
Prayer is like we’re visiting Allah.

Even when we visit a friend,
We go the time they say to attend.

We wear good clothes and comb our hair.
Go all dirty? We would not dare!

We follow directions to get to their house,
For if we don’t we will get lost!

We have good manners when we’re there,
Ignoring them would not be fair.

So when we visit The King of Kings,
We keep in mind all these things.

Masha Allah, I love this poem!

This book contains 4 parts: Du'a & Salah, Purity, Prayer, Appendix. The first three parts describe fiqh in a fun way. There is a short explanation about the fard and wajib, such as the fard of payer, what break our wudu, etc. While Appendix provides clarification.

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In Purity children learn about water for taharah, which part of our body should be washed and which should be wiped. 

In Prayer there are explanations in rhymes about what to do to start salah, what to recite, what breaks our salah, the obligatory and the necessary of salah, etc.


The book's purpose is to give children and parents access to knowledge that makes one’s worship valid, sound, and proper in a fun way. I think the author did it well. You can buy it at Amazon.

It is really a fun way as the book is sooo colorful! There are 33 pages including the cover and back cover. I love the illustration. Even my son got amazed by the colors and size. I think children are gonna love to read the book. Instead of understanding something heavy the boring way children can do it the cheerful way. 

Well, have you read this book? If you have, what do you think? If you haven't, what comes to your mind about it?

Friday, 5 January 2018

Beautiful Hijabs From Hidden Pearls [A Review]

January 05, 2018 7 Comments

Last December I went home to Jogja for a holiday with my family. It was an end-of-semester holiday actually and I spent most of the days with my kids while my husband came later. We stayed at my mom's house which used to be the place I live through my younger years.

Coming home and enjoy the atmosphere of romanticism of the past is always wonderful. I took my sons to places I'd like them to see so that they can learn something new. And they would be able to get to know their mom better. I showed them my high school, the local library I used to go, even my elementary school reports. L O L.

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On that beautiful morning I took a walk with my sons to local fisheries where they can see ponds and paddy fields. I put my pink batik dress and a Plain Deluxe Hijab from Hidden Pearls on. The hijab covered me beautifully. Even my mom asked me about it. Alhamdulillaah *smile*

The hijab is soft, smooth, looks expensive and non see-through. I asked my son to take the pictures of me in the hijab and I put one of them in my Instagram. It looks so perfect with the dress. It is also long and wide, about 85 x 200 cm. We call this kind of hijab here as 'pashmina'. It needs some pins to put on. I wore an inner on my head so that the hijab would stay perfectly. And it stays that way. For daily uses I wear instant hijab. I have several pashminas too for special occasions such as go to wedding party or gathering.

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I got this hijab, Plain Deluxe Hijab, from Hidden Pearls UK to review. I chose two gorgeous hijabs from the same series. They are Spanish Pink and Azzure Blue. I love plain hijabs because they are easy to combine with any colors of dresses. Trust me.

These hijabs are 100% polyester. They are really soft, easy to wash, easy to dry.

There are many different colors you can choose from. There are pink, red, white, green, blue and many more. Each color comes in several tones. I myself was a little confused to choose only two out of those abundant lovely colors. It wasn't easy, guys. I clicked and clicked until my son said, "Haven't you clicked that one before, Mom??" LOL.

Give it a try. Go to Hidden Pearls website and choose your favorite hijabs. Not only plain hijabs, you can also find hijabs with patterns, silk hijabs, abayas, hijab pins and Islamic gifts with worldwide shipping.

You can also take a look at Hidden Pearls Instagram in @hiddenpearls, Pinterest in @hiddenpearlsuk and Twitter @hiddenpearlsuk for more information. Go get one and experience that hijabi feeling!

Monday, 1 January 2018

My January Goals

January 01, 2018 0 Comments

Masha Allah, it's January already. Time flies. It feels like I have just started to plan something in 2017 and now it's 2018? Masha Allah.

This year I will be 41 insha Allah. And my sons will be 9, 8 and 1 years old. I feel a little nervous about raising pre-teenagers as I was such an annoying teenage girl to my parents (Oh, forgive me, dear Mom and Dad).

My first son is now in a phase when he starts to see friends are more important than his parents. The time when he cuddled in my arms has gone, now I have a little 'enemy' at home. He often ignores my words and chooses to do something on his own willing. It's not easy at all.

I have written about it in Bahasa Indonesia, if you'd like to read: Dua Tawanan Saya. I wrote everything about my son's behave and how I planned to deal with it.

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That's not my only goal for this 2018. I also have some dreams to reach and some plans to act. For January I narrow my focus on how to deal with my first son's math skill and his Quran memorizing target. He needs to finish his Juz Amma recitation and memorizing it this semester, so I plan to be by his side to continue memorizing at least surah At-Takwir and 'Abasa. The next month will be for focusing on An Nazi'at and An Naba. Once he completes his memorizing of Juz Amma, he will be reviewed and then he will be certified according to school agenda. I really, really hope he can make it this semester. Aameen.

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My other goal for January is about blogging. I plan to purchase a domain name for this blog so it will be mommysnextstep.com. Oh, I'm longing for it.

Buying a domain name doesn't mean I will focus more on blogging. I plan to blog regularly on my both blogs but in a more specific schedule so that I still can pay more attention to my family. I found myself got too exhausted when I focused too much on my social media life. I felt like I lost many beautiful moments with my kids and husband. I want to continue blogging, yes, but I will focus on my family rather than blogging. Perhaps one post each week is enough and one or two sponsored posts each month is also enough. I think by doing that blogging will be more fun.

Well, that's all my January (and beyond) goals. I really hope it will come true through efforts and prays. What about you? Do you have any specific goals for January? Wanna share it with me?

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