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Diah is here! Mom of three boys.

My Ramadan After Day 1

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Halo, assalamu alaikum.

Alhamdulillaah, great days are here: Ramadan days.

This year's Ramadan we fast for about 13 hours. It's always like this here in Indonesia, alhamdulillah.

There are days when we fast for 14 hours a day when Ramadan comes in summer time in Southern Hemisphere. This is May, so it's autumn di Southern Hemisphere.

We thank Allah this is a sunny and cheerful Ramadan. Several years ago we had Ramadan on June. The weather was chilly. Alhamdulillah.

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Ramadan has been 7 days now. Tomorrow morning will be Ramadan 8 insya Allah.

My sons have fasted for 7 consecutive days. They are really grown up now masya Allah. They have been fasting with less and less drama.

I also had no serious problem during these days masya Allah, except for one thing: I feel like losing energy too soon.

After Ramadan Day 1, I felt weaker these last three days. I hope it is because my body is still adapting to new habits.

I usually wake up at 2 or 2.30 for preparing suhoor. From that time I almost didn't have a chance to sleep until my tot's sleeping time.

He sleeps and so do I.

In the morning after fajr prayer I do the laundry. I do it as quick as possible because Mr. Admiral usually wakes up soon after and asks for my attention.

After Mr. Inventor and Mr. Professor have gone to school, I have Mr. Admiral take a shower and have breakfast. After that, I go shopping for groceries, take a rest with my third son and do noon prayer.

Cooking for iftar is in 2 p.m. I finish cooking at about 3 p.m. then I do asr prayer, take a bath an prepare Mr. Admiral's late lunch.

At about 4 p.m. I'm ready for taking a walk with Mr. Admiral.

When magrib comes, we have iftar together at home, do magrib prayer and wait for isya prayer by having conversation with my kids.

I usually take a short sleep after isya azan and wake up for doing isya and taraweeh prayer.

And days will be like that all over again.

What about your Ramadan after day 1?

Diah Dwi Arti
Diah Dwi Arti
Muslimah | Madiun, Indonesia | Mom of three | email: diah.d.arti [at]

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