Limitless Learners Contest for Kids, Win $9,000!


Hi, assalamu alaikum.

This afternoon I went to my sons' school to get their school reports. It means that this is also the last day of school for year 2018-2019.

Time flies!

Mr. Inventor is in 5th grade and Mr. Professor is in 4th grade. Officially.

In 7 years Mr. Inventor will be a college student and Mr. Professor will soon follow.

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College students? Wow, masha Allah. We have been preparing the money for their studies, but yet 7 years will be very quick!

Talking about college, there is a nice way to get $500 for your kid's college expenses (US residents only).


The program is called Limitless Learners Contest for Kids sponsored by

What is it?

It is a contest for children to tell the world about a time when they were having so much fun, they
didn’t realize they were learning something new.

Your child must be a student in kindergarten to 5th grade of 2019-2020 school year.

To enter the contest your child have to create a piece of art, write a short story, a journal entry, a poem or a comic strip or a personal narrative by October 31, 2019.

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There are 6 prizes for 6 winners:

  • $500 to contribute to future education expenses.
  • $1000 donation for their school or local library.
  • Premium lifetime membership to for their educator.


For more information see details here.