Stand By Your Spouse, A Story About My Uncle

 Hi, assalamu alaikum.

Lately I heard some good news and a bad news. The good news are: my niece has passed her thesis exam and graduated from her college; and my cousin has proposed his girlfriend, they will be married on March 2021, insha Allah.

The bad news is: my uncle is ill now. He has to stay at a hospital and has undergone a surgery. He has got peritonitis. A disease where intestine is hurt and has to be cut.

He entered the hospital last Saturday afternoon. He has been there for 5 days. And this afternoon he went to a surgery.

He is 68 years old, 2 years younger than my mom. 

At first he complained about his stomachache. We thought it was only his maag. He got this illness some time ago and he survived. But not today.

At first at the hospital he refused to undergo any surgery. But after 4 days there, he changed his mind.

His wife always stands by him all the time. I can't imagine how tired she has been. During this pandemic, every patient can only be taken care of one family member. And that family member can't have any shift. He/she must be stand by 24 hours. Unlike before, each family member can stay with the patient based on shifts. So that he/she will not be too tired.

I think the patient is with 'patient' now. 

I have heard and seen many times how some people should stand by his/her spouse due to illness. It takes extra patience to take care of a patient.

I hope my uncle will get better sooner. I feel pity about his wife. And I hope my uncle and his wife will be given hidayah from Allah.


Thanks for taking the next step with me. Your thoughts are welcome.