Monday, 23 January 2017

I Want To Have My Eyes Healthy Forever

January 23, 2017 0 Comments


What comes in your mind when you're talking about your future days as a senior? I wish I have my body as healthy as possible, especially my eyes. Why?

A few days ago when I was walking around the neighbourhood I saw one of my neighbour, an early senior man, sat down on a chair watching things in front of his eyes with lack of expression. I couldn't read whether his eyes showed happiness or sadness. All I saw was he sat still like that. I once thought that I won't be like him, spending my time by just watching things go. I said to myself why didn't he just read something?

That man actually was an active businessman but an accident robbed his life. He isn't able to walk anymore. He looks older than his age. Fortunately his wife takes care of him and everything.

Well, I might have been wrong. He probably had spent some time to read books, newspaper or recite the Holy Quran before I saw him. But that thought crossed to my mind that it would be better if he did something for killing the time.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Kids From Unhappy Family

January 18, 2017 0 Comments
I was standing in front of a stall at the traditional market one morning talking to my sister-in-law who owns the stall. Then a girl poked me from behind. I turned around thinking that it might be someone I know. But, she was not somebody I know. I wondered why she did that. Did she think I was someone else?

She looked like an ordinary teenage girl. She wore trousers and a shirt with a jacket. There was a sling bag with her. She showed me her palm. Then I realized that she was begging for some money. What?!

I said no to her. I couldn't hide my expression. So sorry, girl, but I was a little shocked. Then she left me. I didn't know where she'd go.


One evening I had dinner at a small warung with my husband. It was around 9 P.M. We saw some boys gathering and making some noise. They were about 10-12 years old. I was wondering what they did at such late hour. 9 P.M. is 'late' to me. My husband told me that it was common for those kids to go out up to that hour. And they did nothing but just gathered around.

"Not only that, you may find some group of girls, too," said my husband. What!?

My husband told me a more shocking story: these boys could be found at midnight time as well.


I just can't believe my ears and eyes. The girl who poked me at the market, those boys, the group of girls...How can those little children wander around at night? Where are their parents?

Some facts tell me that there are kids who just can't stand to stay at home. They seem don't have nice relationships with their parents or their caregivers. I don't want to call them broken home kids because not every kid with such background has a mess life. I just tend to call them kids from unhappy family.