Monday, 24 April 2017

Living In A Small Town And How I Feel About It

April 24, 2017 6 Comments
This topic has been in my mind for a while until today. I decided to write down this post because I have just read a good blog post of my fellow blogger. He wrote about the pluses and minuses to live in a small town.
Well, my town now is not really a small town, but it is smaller than my home town. I have been living here in Madiun for almost 6 years now. Before that I lived in Tangerang Selatan, a city close to Jakarta. Before that, I lived in my home town, Jogja, where I spent 31 years of my life there.

Madiun is a medium town, not small, but not big either. Once I stepped into this town I didn’t expect too much about this place. I thought that Madiun was quite, peaceful and reachable from edge to edge. But I found myself wrong. Madiun is more than that. It is bigger than I thought and merrier as well. It has some malls, great dining places and a beautiful green town square.

Besides those not-as-what-I-thought things, there are somethings I miss here: book stores and book fairs. I love to go to book stores and book fairs. There were abundance of book fairs in Jogja and I used to walk from booth to booth just for book window shopping. There is only one big book store here in Madiun and I haven’t found any book fair so far.

But above all, I feel grateful to Allah for making me live here. The place where I live is far from hectic life. No traffic jam, no movie theaters, good neighborhood and good environment for my children to grow.My sons go to an Islamic School which I believe is a good school. The school is very close to our home so there is no hectic mornings. My husband works in his family business run by almost all of his siblings.I have good friends here and better activities as a stay at home mom. In short I have almost all I need here. It is really a good sign of blessing, right?

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I read a good book about being a happy mom. The title is ‘Bahagia Ketika Ikhlas’. You are happy when you sincere in excepting things in life. The book says that being sincere is not when we disagree with sadness. It’s when we realize there is failure in life and except that sadness, then the time for us to feel happy will soon follow. Not easy, but that’s correct.

I have some dreams that still not yet come true, but I can not count the blessing Allah has Given me. I’m 40 now, I’m waiting for my third son to be born... ah, my life is beautiful. How can I ask more?

So, guys, do you feel grateful for the place you are living now?

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Beauty From Indonesian South Sea

April 10, 2017 2 Comments
I’m captivated by its beauty from the first time I saw its picture. I thought that it was covered by gold, but it wasn’t. Its color is definitely golden. Its round shape was shining and looked immaculate. I knew I fell in love with it and dreamt one day I could have one. Can you guess what it is?

It’s the Golden South Sea Pearl.

Originally comes from Indonesian South Sea, this amazing beauty is one of a kind. Nowhere else in this planet produces this gift of nature, but in South Sea. In Indonesia itself there are many pearl farms. Bali, Lombok and Papua are the heart of the farms. Lombok’s pearls are well-known internationally. As in Papua, the native island, Raja Ampat region is where the oysters that produces these beautiful pearls live.

I once wrote about the pearl in my Indonesian article: Mengenal Indonesian South Sea Pearls

South Sea Pearls come in wide variety of colors, from silver, golden, cream and pink. The price is high in the market as it is very special. It takes 4 years for an oyster to produce only ONE pearl! Can you imagine that?  Not only the color, its size is bigger compared to any other kind of pearls in this planet so you can easily recognize it. That’s why it’s very expensive.

Once it’s made into jewellery the price is getting higher and higher. For me, to be able to own a nice ring with one golden pearl on it is out of this world. What about having a bracelet full of golden pearls, or a necklace? Ow, it would be very awesome!

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I suddenly remember one verse in The Holy Quran, that is Surah Ar-Rahman (55) verse 22:

Yakhruju minhuma-l lu'lu'u wa-l marjaan
يَخْرُجُ مِنْهُمَا اللُّؤْلُؤُ وَالْمَرْجَانُ
From both of them emerge pearl and coral

Even Allah mention pearl in His verse! And not only in that verse, Allah has mentioned it many times inside The Holy Quran. How can I not fall in love with its beauty?

What about you? Have you got any pearl jewellery?

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Saturday, 1 April 2017

She Is Not Assertive Enough

April 01, 2017 4 Comments

I was told to be more assertive to other people when I was younger. A quiz told me that I was not assertive enough. This could lead danger to myself and other people. How was it possible? I have a story for you. Here it is.

I felt a little disappointed this morning. Two days ago I asked for help to one of my neighbours to assist me in housekeeping. I asked her for monthly job. She said okey, and when I told her about the salary, she also said okey. I told her to start working today at 8.

It’s common here to ask for assistance from neighbours to work in our house as long as both the employer and the employee agree about the job description, the working hours and the salary. She usually works as a part-time house keeper. She usually cleans the house,  does some laundry.

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Before this I usually hire her at certain days only, but for now I asked her to work at my house for a whole month. Ofcourse excluded Sundays. I also told her that I don’t mind  if she takes another part-time job as long as she has finished the work at mine.