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Mango, Everyone!


Last quarter of the year there is mango season here in Indonesia! Hurray...!

That's the unique thing of living in Indonesia. We have many seasons, not only dry and rainy ones, but there are also season of durian, rambutan season (usually coming soon after mango season!), getting married season, and entering school season. LOL. Don't take it seriously. It is only a joke.

Okay. Back to mango.

I love mango very much. I had a mango tree in the backyard of my old home. It was 'honey mango'. The name tells us all. Yes. The mangoes are so sweet and orangish! There is a kind of visible dark orange line in the flesh circling the seed.

I always enjoyed picking them myself. Not by climbing up the tree but by using a specific tool to pick. With the help of my father, ofcourse. 😄

My dad, mom and my siblings love mango as well. We really, really felt blessed to own such a tree in the backyard.

Fun Facts About Mango

I always thought that mango was originated from my country as we call the fruit 'mangga'. Not far from its International name, right? But, I was wrong. Study told us that mango came from India.

Mango contains great amount of vitamin A and C, potassium and dietary fibers.


How to Get Mangoes When I Don't Own Any Mango Tree?

But, now the situation is different. I don't own any mango trees here. However, I still can enjoy this tropical fruit.

I can buy, ofcourse, at the nearest market. There are always fresh fruits at the market or stalls. But, buying them sometimes can be wrong when the price is still high. I have to wait until it goes lower.

Around my neighbourhood, there are a lot of mango trees. I heard that the previous era of local government stated a policy that mango trees should be planted along the sidewalk. Years after, we can see mango trees everywhere. Wow, what a great policy!

Mango trees are not only planted for the fruits, but for the shading function as well. Sultry days will be better with mango trees around as they are evergreen and can reach as tall as the house or even over.

Two days ago, one of my neighbour gave me four ripe mangoes. Alhamdulillah. I was sooo happy because I thought that I had to wait a little longer to taste the fruit, waiting for the peak of mango season to come, as the price will be lower and the fruits reach their ripeness.

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? (Quran 55:16).

After that, another neighbour gave me two mangoes along with the Javanese palm sugar. What is it for? I will tell you later.

How to Eat Mangoes?

I love to eat them raw. It's not that I don't like mango pie or something. It's just common to eat mangoes raw here in Indonesia.

I just wash the fruit, peel the skin and cut it in to smaller pieces.


I also like to cut the fruit into this style.


My nephew said, it is the spider style. looks a bit like a spider web. Yeah, it makes sense. 😄

If you've looked at the first picture of cut mango above, you probably noticed some near-ripe mangoes. Yes, there are some. They taste a little sweet and crunchy, but most of all, they are all sour! I don't have the gut to eat them right away.

That's why I need some palm sugar I got from my kind-hearted neighbour I told you before.


Near-ripe mangoes are perfect for making rujak, a kind of sweet-sour-spicy fruit salad.

All we need are some near-ripe mangoes, jambu air or water guava, cucumbers, pineapples, jicamas, and any other watery fruits. Slice the fruits thin and serve with the dipping sauce.

The sauce is made of Javanese palm sugar, a pinch of salt, bird-eye chilly and a little of Kaempferia galanga. Grind them all together, add a little amount of water into paste. Ready to serve.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?

Rujak comes in many variation. Don't get lost by other names of rujak. There are rujak cingur, bumbu rujak, or rujak petis. The fruit salad name is rujak buah. Here is a video of how to make rujak in a slightly different way than mine.

So, what about you? Do you like mangoes? Raw or cooked? Please, tell me your story about mango.


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