When Should We Raise Our Hands During Salah?


Hi, assalamu alaikum.

Salah is part of muslim's life. There is no day without doing salah, except for female muslims during their periode or nifas (a periode of time when blood comes out of vagina after giving birth).

Muslims do 5 times of salah within 24 hours. Fajar salah is done when dawn comes, Duhur is when sun above our head.

Asar salah is done every afternoon, Maghrib is when night starts to fall (dusk) and Isya salah is when it's complete dark.

During salah, how many times should we raise our hands?

According to one hadith, Ibnu Omar said that Rasulullah Shalallahu alaihi wa sallam raised his two hands four times.

The first one is when performing takbiratul ihram (the very first takbir).

It is when we started the salah and we say, "Allahu akbar."

The second one is when bowing to do rukuk. We move our body from standing up to bowing position and say,"Allahu akbar."

The third place is when we raise our body from rukuk to i'tidal. We say, "Sami allahu liman hamidah."

The last one is when raising for third rakaah (after doing first tasyahud).

Have you done all of the things mentioned above?

May Allah gives us guidance always.