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My Favorite Subjects At School And Why I Loved Them

I had great times at elementary and junior high school. It felt like time flew so fast. Unlike those times, I didn't enjoy my high school times. However, I had some favorite subjects regardless of which level I studied in. Here are my favorite subjects at school and why I loved them.

Yes. I fell in love with science since in elementary school. It started when I read the text book about our planet and its surrounding. Planet Earth, the solar system, constellation and so on. I remember I went outside one night and pointed to the sky and said, "I know that. That's the Southern Cross," as my father accompanied me.

Not only astronomy, I liked biology as well. I was astonished to know how great those scientists were. I hardly imagined how they could describe organisms very specific with simple and limited tools. I admired how detail they drew and wrote their findings. They even collected their research into thick books!

credit: Pixabay

Although I was not (and I'm still not) good at physics and chemistry but I do respect and admire them up to now.

If I could, I would learn many foreign languages at school. But, too bad, there was only English.
I love English so much. I like to read books in English as well as watching TV program in English. I'm not an expert, I'm just an amateur.

Back to my times at school, I always got good grade for English from Junior High to High School. English wasn't taught in elementary schools at the moment. To me, English was full of fun. While many of my class mates had difficulty with it, I never had bad experience with English but some killer teachers.

I fell in love with history, especially world history, when I studied it in High School. I think it was the teacher who drove me that. She taught the subject very interestingly. I never had such teacher before. She explained the World War I and II thoroughly. She opened my mind that the reason over something is important and that's the key to every situation in this world.

I think the biggest I got from my history teacher is the understanding. Nothing stands alone in this world. There must be some connections between one event and the others.

Well, those are my favorite subjects at school and why I loved them. Do you like science, English and history too? Or do you have other subjects that you loved at school? Please, do tell me.
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